Philadelphia Business Workout - Half Day

By Trajectify (other events)

4 Dates Through May 18, 2015

As an entrepreneur, you will find yourself feeling alone sometimes - not always surrounded by those who feel the same challenges or have the right experience. You might get stuck, finding that goals are getting increasingly more difficult to achieve. This program is speficially designed to help those who need an outside-in perspective on getting their business to the next level.

Trajectify Business Workout combines expert coaching with the benefits of support from others who face similar situations and challenges. The feedback, guidance and support from those who have recently been in that same situation is impactful.

Each group of 4-6 entrepreneurs is selected to be at a comparable stage in their company development, and diverse in their experience, vision and markets (non-competitive). The meetings will have exercises in three areas:

  • Mastermind: Structured discussion on challenges facing each company
  • Education: Learning and discussion on a pre-determined topic
  • Accountability: Milestones and goals

The meeting time and location will be determined based on convenience to members of this month's group.

About Mike Krupit

Mike is the founder and operator of Trajectify, coaching entrepreneurs of startups and small businesses to cross the chasm - getting them beyond the stage where they find that the "next step" is a big one.

He has a passion for growing companies as a veteran of seven startups, a mentor and advisor to many more, and a small company turn-around. Mike has experienced diverse conditions and markets, successfully delivering and growing both products and services, from pre-revenue to $150M, building and leading organizations from 2 to 700 people.

MIke is also the founder and CEO of IntroNet. Previously, Mike helped to co-found Real Food Works. He was the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Novotorium, an emerging business incubator. Novotorium grew out of his experience as Chief Innovation Officer of Voice Systems Engineering. He was also CIO, the COO and CEO of CDNOW and worked at startups including Infonautics, Verity, and KnowledgeSet.

About Trajectify

Entrepreneurs sometimes find themselves at the edge of a chasm. With success in developing traction and growing their business, a stage is reached where you find that the "next step" is a big one! Trajectify partners with the entrepreneur to build momentum and trajectory to be able to cross the chasm. We take an interim executive role in the company to help put together the strategy and tactics, working shoulder-to-shoulder with the founder and team to execute the tactics.